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PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY and pass on to all managers and coaches

  • Results to be emailed to results@necsl.ie before 6pm om day of game and by 9pm if game is midweek.
  • All clubs are required to submit results for all their teams both home and away in text format by email.
  • Also if a game is called off then this must be submitted in your results email
  • Requests for changes to games must be emailed to Games@necsl.ie no later than the Wednesday  of game week. The requesting club must have the oppositions agreement in writing (E-Mail). If opposition fails to agree then game will proceed as scheduled
  • If Calling off a game after the Wednesday  deadline then please text Peter Glynn 0879797354 and myself 08646048.
  • Traveling teams should contact home team before travelling
NECSL Fixtures Saturday 26th June 2021
11 BlueParkvilla FC BluevOMP United Blue9.00   St Pats
11 WhiteParkvilla FC WhitevOMP United White9.00   St Pats
11 BlueKells Youths FC BluevOldcastle United FC Blue10.00   St Pats
11 GreenTrim Celtic AFC GreenvParkvilla FC Green10.00   St Pats
11 BlackKells Youths FC BlackvOldcastle United FC Black11.00   St Pats
11 WhiteTrim Celtic AFC WhitevParkceltic Summerhill White11.00   St Pats
11 BlackKells Youths FC NavyvTrim Celtic AFC Black12.00   St Pats
11 BlackRobinstown FC BlackvParkceltic Summerhill Black12.00   St Pats
11 GreenEnfield Celtic FC GreenvBohermeen Celtic FC Green13.00   St Pats
11 WhiteEnfield Celtic FC WhitevBohermeen Celtic FC White13.00   St Pats
11 BlackBorora Juniors AFC BlackvEnfield Celtic FC Black14.00   St Pats
11 BlueBorora Juniors AFC BluevJohnstown FC Blue14.00   St Pats
11 GreenDunshaughlin Youths FC GreenvAthboy Celtic FC Green15.00   St Pats
11 GreenRFA Boys GreenvJohnstown FC Green15.00   St Pats
11 BlueTrim Celtic AFC BluevRFA Boys Blue16.00   St Pats
12 Eolas Technologies D1Albion Rovers FCvBoyne Rovers AFC10.00LB   
12 Eolas Technologies D1Athboy Celtic FCvParkvilla FC10.00S Pepper   
12 Eolas Technologies D1Navan Town Cosmos FCvBohermeen Celtic FC10.00I Boscannon  MDL Astro
12 Eolas Technologies D3Dunshaughlin Youths FCvEnfield Celtic FC10.00P Henry;  Dunshaughlin
12 Eolas Technologies D3Kells Youths FCvJohnstown FC10.00L Byrne;   
12 Eolas Technologies D3Parkceltic SummerhillvTorro United FC10.00G Kavanagh  Summerhill
12 ETL Networks D2Duleek AFCvTrim Celtic AFC10.00LB   
12 ETL Networks D2Johnstown FCvRobinstown FC11.30I Boscannon  MDL Astro
12 ETL Networks D2Parkvilla FCvParkceltic Summerhill12.30N Hand   
12 ETL Networks D4Athboy Celtic FCvOMP United11.30S Pepper   
12 ETL Networks D4Borora Juniors AFCvNavan Town Cosmos FC10.00MB;   
12 ETL Networks D4Parkvilla FCvSlane wanders FC11.15N Hand   
12 ETL Networks PremierDrogheda Marsh Crescent FCvDunshaughlin Youths FC11.00LB   
12 ETL Networks PremierKells Youths FCvOMP United11.30L Byrne;   
12 ETL Networks PremierParkvilla FCvTorro United FC 10.00N Hand   
14 Eolas Technologies D1Johnstown FCvTermonfeckin Celtic FC10.00P Burns Jnr;  MDL Pitch 3
14 Eolas Technologies D1OMP UnitedvBoyne Rovers AFC11.00MB   
14 Eolas Technologies D1Walshestown FCvKells Youths FC11.00LB   
14 Eolas Technologies D3Athboy Celtic FCvBorora Juniors AFC13.00S Pepper   
14 Eolas Technologies D3Drogheda Town FCvSkryne Tara AFC10.00LB   
14 Eolas Technologies D3Dunshaughlin Youths FCvAlbion Rovers FC11.30P Henry;  Dunshaughlin
14 Eolas Technologies D4Duleek AFCvNewtown United FC13.00LB   
14 Eolas Technologies D4Kells Youths FCvrossin Rovers AFC13.00L Byrne;   
14 Eolas Technologies D4Parkceltic SummerhillvDrogheda Town FC11.30G Kavanagh  Summerhill
14 ETL Networks D2Albion Rovers FCvTrim Celtic AFC11.30LB   
14 ETL Networks D2Bohermeen Celtic FC    vNavan Town Cosmos FC10.00D Hegarty   
14 ETL Networks D2Enfield Celtic FCvDrogheda Marsh Crescent FC12.00J Regan;   
14 ETL Networks PremierDuleek AFCvTorro United FC11.30LB   
14 ETL Networks PremierDunshaughlin Youths FCvRobinstown FC13.00P Henry;  Dunshaughlin
14 ETL Networks PremierTrim Celtic AFCvParkvilla FC10.00J Sheerin;   
14 ETL Networks Premier GirlsBohermeen Celtic FCvDunshaughlin Youths FC12.00D Hegarty   
14 ETL Networks Premier GirlsEnfield Celtic FCvTrim Celtic AFC10.00J Regan;   
14 ETL Networks Premier GirlsParkvilla FCvTorro United FC – Green10.00S McMahon;   
14 ETL Networks Premier GirlsTorro United FC – YellowvParkceltic Summerhill12.00B Wynne   
16 Eolas Technologies D1Borora Juniors AFCvKentstown Rovers FC11.30MB;   
16 Eolas Technologies D1Parkvilla FCvAthboy Celtic FC12.00S McMahon;   
16 Eolas Technologies D1Trim Celtic AFCvBohermeen Celtic FC12.00J Sheerin;   
16 ETL Networks D2Johnstown FCvEnfield Celtic FC10.00M Conway  MDL Pitch 1
16 ETL Networks D2Navan Town Cosmos FCvAlbion Rovers FC12.00P Burns Jnr;  MDL Pitch 3
16 ETL Networks D2Newtown United FCvParkceltic Summerhill12.30LB   
16 ETL Networks PremierDrogheda Marsh Crescent FCvParkceltic Summerhill12.30LB   
16 ETL Networks PremierNavan Town Cosmos FCvAlbion Rovers FC12.00M Conway  MDL Pitch 1
16 ETL Networks PremierTorro United FCvKells Youths FC14.00B Wynne   
NECSL Fixtures Sunday 27th June 2021
13 Eolas Technologies D1Albion Rovers FCvNavan Town Cosmos FC10.00LB   
13 Eolas Technologies D1Boyne Rovers AFCvAthboy Celtic FC11.00LB   
13 Eolas Technologies D1Square United         vBohermeen Celtic FC10.00LB   
13 Eolas Technologies D1Drogheda Marsh Crescent FCvTrim Celtic AFC11.00LB   
13 Eolas Technologies D3Athboy Celtic FCvBalivor FC10.00K Ennis;   
13 Eolas Technologies D3Kells Youths FCvTermonfeckin Celtic FC11.00L Byrne;   
13 Eolas Technologies D3Parkvilla FCvAlbion Rovers FC11.30S Pepper   
13 ETL Networks D2Albion Rovers FCvTorro United FC11.30LB   
13 ETL Networks D2Grove Rangers FC vTrim Celtic AFC 11.00LB   
13 ETL Networks D2Termonfeckin Celtic FCvOldcastle United FC12.00LB   
13 ETL Networks D2Parkceltic SummerhillvDunshaughlin Youths FC11.00I Bosceanon   
13 ETL Networks PremierEnfield Celtic FCvKells Youths FC12.00D Burke;   
13 ETL Networks PremierJohnstown FC       vDrogheda Marsh Crescent FC10.00P Henry;  MDL Pitch 1
13 ETL Networks PremierParkvilla FCvTorro United FC10.00S Pepper   
13 ETL Networks PremierTrim Celtic AFCvWalshestown JFC13.00G Kavanagh   
15 Eolas Technologies D2Torro United FCvAlbion Rovers FC10.00S McMahon;   
15 Eolas Technologies D2Trim Celtic AFCvWalshestown JFC11.30J Sheerin;   
15 Eolas Technologies PremierNavan Town Cosmos FCvBoyne Rovers AFC11.30P Henry;  MDL Pitch 1
15 Eolas Technologies PremierParkvilla FC vAlbion Rovers FC12.00D Hegarty   
15 Eolas Technologies PremierTrim Celtic AFCvRathkenny Rovers10.00J Sheerin;   
15 ETL Networks D1Enfield Celtic FCvOMP United10.00J Regan;   
15 ETL Networks D1Oldcastle United FCvAlbion Rovers FC11.00N  Byrne;   
15 ETL Networks D1Parkvilla FCvKells Youths FC10.00D Hegarty   
16  Eolas Technologies Premier GirlsCavan Shamrocks FCvTorro United FC12.30B Wynne   
16  Eolas Technologies Premier GirlsKinnegad Juniors AFCvAlbion Rovers FC12.30N Dempsey   
16  Eolas Technologies Premier GirlsParkvilla FCvParkceltic Summerhill13.00P Burns Jnr;   
NECSL Fixtures Monday 28th June 2021
Youths Eolas Technologies Premier AAlbion Rovers FCvWalshestown FC19.30LB   
Youths Eolas Technologies Premier AKells Youths FCvBallyjamesduff AFC19.30J Sheerin;   
Youths Eolas Technologies Premier ADrogheda Boys FCvAthboy Celtic FC19.30LB   
Youths Eolas Technologies Premier AKingscourt Harps AFCvParkvilla FC19.30P Burns Jnr;   
Youths ETL Networks Premier BBallyjamesduff AFCvNavan Town Cosmos FC19.30N  Byrne;   
Youths ETL Networks Premier BBorora Juniors AFCvParkceltic Summerhill19.30D Gavigan   
Youths ETL Networks Premier BJohnstown FCvEnfield Celtic FC19.30P Henry;  MDL Pitch 1
Youths ETL Networks Premier BParkvilla FCvTorro United FC19.30C Gormley   
NECSL Fixtures Wednesday 30th June 2021
12 Eolas Technologies Girls D1Parkvilla FCvBalrath FC19.00S Pepper   
12 Eolas Technologies Girls D1Navan Town Cosmos FCvDunshaughlin Youths FC19.00I Bosceanon  MDL Pitch 4
12 Eolas Technologies Girls D1Enfield Celtic FCvTorro United FC19.00G Kavanagh   
12 ETL Networks Premier GirlsTorro United FCvParkceltic Summerhill19.00D Hegarty   
12 ETL Networks Premier GirlsDunshaughlin Youths FCvAthboy Celtic FC19.00L Byrne;   
12 ETL Networks Premier GirlsBalrath FCvBohermeen Celtic FC19.00LB   

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