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Friday 31 January

Galway FA U18 Championship: Moyne Villa v Athenry , at Headford, 7:45pm

Galway FA U12 Div 1: Bearna Na Forbacha B v Mervue Utd C, at Furbo, 7:30pm

Saturday 1 February

FAI New Balance Junior Cup: Athenry v Crumlin , at Athenry, 2:00pm Round 7

 Western Hygiene Division 2: NUI Galway v Kinvara Utd , at Dangan, 2:00pm

Western Hygiene Division 3: Bearna Na Forbacha B v Corofin Utd , at Furbo, 2:00pm ; Kilshanvey Utd v Corrib Celtic B, at Kilconly, 2:00pm ; Gort Utd v Maree/Oranmore B, at Mervue, 4:00pm Note Venu

 GFA Reserve League: Merlin Woods FC/Medtronic v Corrib Celtic , at Merlin Woods City Park, 3:00pm ; West Utd v Loughrea , at TBC, 3:00pm

 Michael Byrne Cup: Maree/Oranmore v Colemanstown Utd , at Oranmore, 2:00pm Round 2; MacDara v Merlin Woods FC/Medtronic , at Carraroe, 3:30pm Round 2; Mervue Utd v Knocknacarra , at Mervue, 4:00pm Round 2; FAI Cup U17: Mervue Utd v St Francis , at Mervue, 2:00pm

SFAI Sketchers Cup U16: Kiltimagh-Knock Utd v Athenry , at Lecarrow, 2:30pm Regional Final

 SFAI Sketchers Cup U15: Mervue Utd v Merville Utd , at Lecarrow, 12:30pm Regional Final

Galway FA U15 Div 1: Maree/Oranmore B v Corrib Rangers , at Oranmore, 12:30pm

Galway FA U14 Coley Smith Premier League: Colga v Salthill Devon , at Clarinbridge, 12:30pm ; Bearna Na Forbacha v Maree/Oranmore , at Na Forbacha, 12:30pm

Galway FA U14 Championship: Merlin Woods FC/Medtronic v Knocknacarra B, at Merlin Woods City Park, 12:30pm ; Galway Hibs v St Bernards , at Bohermore, 12:30pm

Galway FA U14 Div 1: Cregmore/Claregalway FC v MacDara , at Cregmore, 12:30pm ; Corrib Celtic v Maree/Oranmore B, at Annaghdown, 12:30pm ; Oughterard v Salthill Devon B, at New Village, 12:30pm

 Galway FA U14 Div 2: Ramblers v Athenry B, at Leitrim, 11:30am ; Kilshanvey Utd v Kinvara Utd , at Kilconly, 12:30pm ; Renmore v Tuam Celtic B, at Renmore, 12:30pm ; Bearna Na Forbacha B v Knocknacarra C, at Furbo, 2:30pm ; SFAI Sketchers Cup U13: Mervue Utd v Westport United , at Lecarrow, 12:00pm Regional Final

Galway FA U13 Div 2: Knocknacarra B v Tuam Celtic B, at Cappagh Park, 2:15pm

 Galway FA U12 Premier: Maree/Oranmore v Knocknacarra , at Oranmore, 12:00pm ; Cregmore/Claregalway FC v Salthill Devon , at Cregmore, 1:45pm

Galway FA U 12 Championship: Corrib Celtic v St Bernards , at Annaghdown, 10:30am ; Moyne Villa v Mervue Utd B, at Headford, 10:30am ; Bearna Na Forbacha v Galway Hibs , at Furbo, 12:30pm ; MacDara v Colga , at Carraroe, 2:00pm

Galway FA U12 Div 1: Loughrea v Knocknacarra B, at Loughrea, 10:30am ; Athenry B v West Coast Utd , at Athenry, 12:00pm

 Galway FA U12 Div 2: Maree/Oranmore B v Moyne Villa B, at Oranmore, 10:30am ; Colemanstown Utd v Salthill Devon B, at Colemanstown, 10:30am ; Corofin Utd v Cregmore/Claregalway FC B, at Corofin, 10:30am

 Galway FA U12 Div 3: Kilshanvey Utd v Tuam Celtic B, at Kilconly, 10:30am ; Gort Utd v Craughwell United B, at Kinvara, 2:30pm Note Venue; Corrib Rangers v Renmore , at Westside, 3:00pm

Galway FA U12 Div 4: Kiltullagh B v Merlin Woods FC/Medtronic , at Kiltullagh, 10:30am ; Kinvara Utd B v Salthill Devon C, at Kinvara, 10:30am ; Cregmore/Claregalway FC C v St Bernards B, at Cregmore, 12:30pm

Galway FA U12 Div 5: Merlin Woods FC/Medtronic B v Colemanstown Utd B, at Merlin Woods City Park, 10:30am ; Athenry C v Cregmore/Claregalway FC D, at Athenry, 10:30am ; Knocknacarra C v Corofin Utd B, at Cappagh Park, 12:30pm

Sunday 2 February

Western Hygiene Division 2: St Patricks v West Utd B, at Caherlistrane, 11:00am ; Craughwell United v Moyne Villa , at Craughwell, 11:00am

 GFA Reserve League: Athenry v MacDara , at Athenry, 3:00pm

GFA Under 21 League: Galway Hibs v Maree/Oranmore , at Bohermore, 2:00pm ; Corrib Rangers v Corrib Celtic , at Laurel Park, 2:00pm

 Michael Byrne Cup: St Bernards v Salthill Devon , at Abbeyknockmoy, 11:00am Round 2; Corrib Celtic v West Utd , at Annaghdown, 11:00am Round 2; Mervue Utd B v West Coast Utd , at Mervue, 2:00pm Round 2; Loughrea v Galway Hibs , at Loughrea, 3:00pm Round 2

 Galway FA U18 Premier League: Colga v Bearna Na Forbacha , at Clarinbridge, 2:00pm ; Tuam Celtic v Maree/Oranmore , at Tuam, 2:00pm

 Galway FA U18 Jimmy Sullivan Premier /Championship Cup: Oughterard v Craughwell United , at New Village, 2:00pm Round 1; Salthill Devon v Knocknacarra , at Drom, 2:00pm Round 1

Galway FA U18 Div 1 – Div 2 Tom Lally Cup: Craughwell United B v Athenry B, at Craughwell, 2:00pm

Galway FA U16 Prem: Mervue Utd v Renmore , at Mervue, 12:00pm ; Tuam Celtic v Maree/Oranmore , at Tuam, 2:00pm ; Colga v Cregmore/Claregalway FC , at Clarinbridge, 2:00pm

Galway FA U16 Championship: Galway Hibs v Knocknacarra , at Bohermore, 12:00pm ; Ramblers v Oughterard , at Leitrim, 2:00pm ; Bearna Na Forbacha v Moyne Villa , at Furbo, 2:00pm

Galway FA U16 Div 1: Cregmore/Claregalway FC B v Kiltullagh , at Cregmore, 2:00pm ; Colemanstown Utd v Athenry B, at Colemanstown, 2:00pm ; Kinvara Utd v Craughwell United , at Kinvara, 2:00pm

 Galway FA U16 Div 2: Tuam Celtic B v Salthill Devon B, at Tuam, 12:00pm ; Colga B v Corofin Utd , at Clarinbridge, 12:00pm

SFAI Sketchers Cup U14: Mervue Utd v St Francis , at Eamonn Deacy Park, 2:00pm Regional Final

Galway FA U14 Coley Smith Premier League: Athenry v Moyne Villa , at Athenry, 12:00pm

Galway FA U14 Championship: Mervue Utd B v Loughrea , at Mervue, 2:00pm

 GFA U13 Prem/Champ Cup: Athenry v Bearna Na Forbacha , at Athenry, 10:30am Round 1

 SFAI Sketchers Cup U12: Mervue Utd v Athenry , at Eamonn Deacy Park, 12:00pm Regional Final

 GFA Ladies Senior League: Corrib Rangers v Cregmore/Claregalway FC , at Westside, 2:00pm ; Shiven Rovers v Corrib Celtic , at Shiven Rovers, 2:00pm

 GFA Ladies Under 19: Corrib Celtic v Athenry , at Annaghdown, 2:30pm ;

GFA Girls U17 Cup: Salthill Devon v Mervue Utd , at Drom, 2:00pm ; Maree/Oranmore v Cregmore/Claregalway FC , at Oranmore, 2:00pm

GFA Girls Under 17: Knocknacarra v Colga , at Cappagh Park, 2:00pm ; Moyne Villa v Kilshanvey Utd , at Headford, 2:00pm

GFA Girls U13 Premier Cup: Colga v Bearna Na Forbacha , at Clarinbridge, 10:30am Semi Finals; Salthill Devon v Craughwell United , at Drom, 10:30am Semi Finals

GFA Girls U13 Premier: Knocknacarra v Athenry , at Cappagh Park, 10:30am

GFA Girls U13 Championship: Knocknacarra B v Bearna Na Forbacha B, at Cappagh Park, 10:30am ; Oughterard v Corrib Celtic , at New Village, 1:00pm

GFA Girls U12 Division 1 Cup: Colemanstown Utd v Bearna Na Forbacha C, at Colemanstown, 2:00pm Not Played;

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