Drimnagh Celtic set for return to DDSL action for 2020/2021 playing season

DRIMNAGH CELTIC FC will return to schoolboy league competition next season according to club founder Eddie O’Neill. 

The club have a long history of association with the Dublin District Schoolboy League but in recent years have operated senior adult teams in the O’Neill’s Leinster Football League and more recently in the United Churches Football League. 

And over the course of time the club has a remarkable record of success picking up  a bag-full of trophies along the way. The club has now indicated that it will return to schoolboy action in the DDSL and O’Neill is excited about the prospect of providing underage football to the youth of Drimnagh for the 2020-2021 season.

 “Drimnagh is a footballing hotbed and there are lots of talented footballers in the locality. Drimnagh Celtic has always looked to give that talent a platform and I’ve had approaches to renew our acquaintance with the DDSL and we’ll look at resources and determine what age groups we are going to operate at but I can confirm that we are going ahead with this decision.”

Drimnagh Celtic have been fortunate over a long period of time to have a brilliant sponsor in O’Neills Sports and likewise Benmadigan Road resident Eddie O’Neill has been the driving force behind this remarkable club. 

“We have a proud history and we’ve had some great teams with players who have gone on to play at a decent level. We’re a tight knit group and providing football and giving them a sporting outlet is a huge driving force while the success has been a great bonus for so many teams over the years.,” said O’Neill. 

The hard working clubman is also indebted to the people of Drimnagh and the D12 community for their continued support. 

“It’s important to represent the local community and I believe we have done that with a lot of pride over the years,” said O’Neill.

“I am very grateful to all our local sponsors and to everyone who has helped support and promote Drimnagh Celtic. Everyone in Drimnagh gets behind us and ve are very grateful for the encouragement we receive.”

Added the former Defence Forces man: “The DDSL is a great league and it’s always been very well run and very competitive. I’m really looking forward to  our return and I know we have excellent players who can go on to represent their community with pride in the colours of Drimnagh Celtic.”

“Once we determine the age groups, we will advertise and hold trials but I do believe that it’s an exciting time for the club and with all our supporters behind us, we can add to our illustrious history in the coming years,” concluded the legendary figure who has helped so many local kids over the past four decades by bringing them into the club set-up.  

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