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THE LEINSTER SENIOR League hosted an engaging and productive AGM in Abbottstown Conference Centre on Thursday evening with over 100 clubs in attendance. 

Flanked by registrar Dave Lalor, Honorary Secretary Pat Kiernan, Vice Chairman Tony Kearney and, Honorary Treasurer Chris O’Reilly, league chairman Dave Moran brought an impressive business like approach to proceedings and negotiated a smooth path through a myriad of matters.

 All divisionals secretaries were afforded the opportunity to reflect on the playing season and each took the time to thank all clubs for their co-operation in ensuring a smooth running of on-field matters which ensured that the LSL season concluded on schedule. 

Moran took time out to thank the members of the leagues referees panel for their professionalism throughout a demanding season. “We are indebted to our colleagues in the refereeing fraternity and and the Dublin Branch of the ISRS and I can safely say, when asked they have never let us down.” said Moran.

Gavin Fleming was thanked for his efforts on social media and helping to promote the league interests while sponsors O’Neills, Lynx, Dublin Port and Strikeronline were thanked for their efforts and contributions over the course of what Dave Moran described as a ‘great season’.

 Crumlin United and Sportslink were congratulated for their progress in national and provincial competitions.

Moran took time to pay tribute to the selfless work of his fellow officers and executive and  the re-election of  officers saw all incumbents reappointed while delegates to both FAI Junior, FAI Senior, LFA Junior and LFA Senior were all conducted and appointed with the minimum of fuss. 

The AGM did not have a set of audited accounts available but that was explained by the recent decision to switch auditors and the late arrival of information from the former auditors had not afforded the auditor, Joe Casey, the time to prepare a set of accounts in time but all clubs were assured of a copy of same, once they became available.

 The issue of medical insurance was given an airing and while the scheme has proven a success in catering for the medical needs of LSL players, the league was due to sit down with the relevant parties to discuss the renewal and the league would work hard to ensure any increase would be kept to a minimum. 

There was praise and gratitude for Andy Noonan, manager of the league’s intermediate representative side who led the league to reclaiming the Graham Harkness Trophy while James Lee, manager of the league’s Oscar Traynor representative side, was thanked after the Crumlin United back-boned squad reached the semi-finals before falling at the semi-final stage to eventual winners, the Limerick League

Items such as  the criteria for certification of all-weather surfaces, to what side of the pitch should away teams should occupy on match day received an airing and a remarkable trait that ran though the meeting was the consistency in voting of near unanimous voting adopted by the body of the assembly.

  One question that came from the floor of the gathering was to seek an update on the league’s current position with regard to the Dublin Amateur Review. The league executive had been mandated  by the club’s of the league at their April Management Meeting to withdraw from current discussions of the review committee. 

In essence the collective  thought process of the clubs was that the LSL is a highly efficient and properly run league, and, the clubs of the league were more than happy with the way the league executed its operations on behalf of the clubs.  Why then, should the league hand over control of their own destiny?

  While there was positive recognition for the merits of a pyramid system, it was also stated that any such future adoption should only take place with a guaranteed maintenance of the current autonomy the league enjoyed in conducting its own affairs and there would be no reduction or concession in handing over power to any other ‘outside’ individuals or committee – which potentially was detrimental to the continued growth of the league. 

A proposal from the floor to undertake another vote on the night  to further endorse the decision of the April Management Meeting directive resulted in a unanimous support of the status quo – i.e.  – to remain outside of the Dublin Amateur Review discussion process at this time.

 Reflected chairman Moran of that reaffirmation of the league’s position: “We operate the league for and on behalf of the clubs of the league. We are given direction by the clubs and we simply carry out their wishes. The fact that it was unanimous is a reflection of the unity and understanding within this league and as an executive, we are happy to carry out those wishes.”

Said one delegate humorously opined: “The Review needs a review.”

 Moran concluded by thanking all in attendance and reminded delegates that the FAI Junior Council AGM was on Saturday at 11am and the Leinster Football Association AGM was on  Tuesday June 1 at 7.30pm and he reminded all clubs of their entitlement to be represented. 

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